The Life and Times of a 40-something

I’m a late 40s, nearly 50, ex journalist, mum of two beautiful boys-nearly-men and married to Richard, my soulmate and emotional punchbag. I’m a part time business bod, jointly running a small but beautifully formed PR sort-of firm in north Worcestershire, and about to embark on an MA at Birmingham City Uni, with a strange yet somehow desperate ambition to do a PhD. Not sure why. Would be great to be a doctor though, yes? Let’s see, shall we? I’ve been known to have unfulfilled ambitions before…

For the best part of two decades I was a “terrier-like news hound” (copyright Brian Mason) and a district/deputy/topdog news editor in various guises for daily regional newspapers and magazines in the Midlands and South Wales. I’ve also worked as a freelance and learned the ins and outs of PR, mainly in public health and schools.

I love music; it’s my primary passion (excluding family and friends and relationships generally, which I’m generally pretty crap at.) Also like seeing comedy, vintage tat. our camper van Florence, travelling, long walks, gin, fighting in vain against middle age chub, causes, campaigns and swearing.

I’ve done loads of bucket list stuff – climbed Kilimanjaro, sailed in a 19th Century ship around the Whitsundays, parascended off an Alpine mountain, skied down a black run (by mistake), done a marathon, had babies, seen a dead person, been on the telly, met Robert Plant, got drunk on absinthe. I’ve done a triathlon, been 0n a Venetian gondola, been seranaded by Nick Cave, picked grapes in south Australia and am the daughter of record breakers. (Guinness world records, 1976, jive endurance record).

I have no great philosophy to impart, other than to quote the mighty Take That: “We’re all just pushing along, trying to figure it out.”

  1. Back again 🙂 Missed this section last time and just wanted to say that I also love the Flaming Lips. Don’t often meet a fellow fan!

    • Cheers Lisa – we obviously share good taste in music and hobbies! Though I see you’re rather more of a gardener than I could ever be! A few tomato plants, a pear tree and a bed of flowers is about my limit.

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