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Sisters doing it for themselves

Our team, as we will no doubt look by the time of the Moon Walk! (I'm the clown)

Just a quick blog tonight to remind you of my impending participation in the London Moonwalk 2011 – and to hassle anyone who can afford it to dig deep for a good cause.

On May 14th me and my fellow “Blister Sisters” intend to walk 26 miles around the streets of London, by the light of the silvery moon, to try to raise money for breast cancer research.

The Moonwalk series (there are also events in Edinburgh and Iceland) began life a few short years ago to provide women with a bigger charity challenge than the hugely successful Race for Life 5k and 10k events, which support similar charities. I liked the sound of it, thought it would be a laugh, and before I knew it me and some friends had signed up. Now training has begun in earnest, it suddenly doesn’t seem so funny any more. It’s a loooooong way. It will be night time. It will hurt.

As I’m sure you’re bored of me mentioning, I’ve been laid low with flu this week. In truth I’ve been off colour for a couple of weeks before that but “kept going”, like you do, only finally giving in when I couldn’t get out of bed one morning. My training schedule has thus gone out of the window and I’m not sure how quickly I will be back on my Moonwalk feet.

My fellow teammates are powering on and appear to be getting out regularly, covering 10 miles or so at a time. I’m feeling a bit disheartened and worried that I’ll hold them back. On the plus side, I do still have three months to go, and hopefully have got my share of illness/injury out of the way.

So look, I’m clearly going to have to put an awful lot of effort in. I’m going to have to get stronger, physically and mentally, in order to overcome the obstacles ahead. I’m going to put up with the pain from my even dodgier foot. I don’t want to beg – but if you could spare a pound or five towards this amazing cause I’d be very touched.

The blight of cancer has already touched too many people I love. People I care about are battling it right now. I wish I could wave a magic wand to cure them, but I can’t. All I can do is my little bit. I’ll remember their smiling faces next time I’m out training, five miles from home, wishing I had never entered this stupid walk… It would be ace to know you’re there alongside me, making it worthwhile.

You can donate online by going to Go on, do it. Don’t delay!


One Step At A Time

Quick fix – is there any such thing? I’m not the first – and definitely won’t be the last – 40-something woman to find herself in an on-going battle with a spreading girth.
I know full well that a healthy weight is simply about eating less crap and exercising more.

It should be easy. Only somehow, for many of us, it just isn’t.
Despite knowing that all we have to really do is knuckle down and get on with it, we all go out looking for quick fixes and magic formulas.
This is the time of year when diet groups, fitness clubs and exercise classes see a dramatic rise in numbers, as we all pledge that this year will be DIFFERENT, and go searching for the ideal solution to our weighty woes.
I could definitely do with dropping a couple of dress sizes (at least) after letting my weight balloon recently, but I’m intending to follow advice about making changes one small step at a time – quite literally.
On May 14th I will be joining my friends The Blister Sisters on the 26 mile Moon Walk, in aid of breast cancer research. Setting off from Hyde Park in London at 11pm, we will walk through the night, dressed in specially decorated bras, to cover the marathon distance, hopefully finishing in 6-7 hours.
I must confess, when I first thought about it, I stupidly thought this would be a fun challenge. After all, I can walk, can’t I? And it’s not like running – it can’t possibly be as tiring can it?
Then I started training. Just 45 minute walks at first, then an hour, then longer. This is not just ambling along; I’m covering about 6km an hour. I am pretty puffed at the end of a long walk. And my legs – I’ve not known aches and pains like it for some time.
Then there’s myBORING dodgy big toe. I have a fused big toe joint, which means I have very little movement in my big toe and it swells up in protest when I walk. This has a profound effect on how I walk and run and puts pressure on my foot, ankle, knee, hips and lower back. It’s all very frustrating and, despite various podiatry visits and special insoles, is not getting any better.
Anyway, walking for hours on end is not what my doctor would call “a good idea”. But what the hell, I’m committed to it now – and having discovered that one of my fellow walkers might be doing it while suffering from torn anterior cruciate ligaments in her knee, it seems churlish to complain.
Most of all, what’s driving me on is the thought of all those brilliant people I know who are currently battling with cancer or other serious illnesses. I know full well that they would all happily swap places with me – after all, what’s one night of pain against months of debilitating treatment?
I’ve done walks and runs for charity before, but I honestly think this is the first time I will have really tested myself. As a result I am currently wracked with self doubt – I feel I’ve become someone who likes to start things but isn’t so good at finishing them, so this will be a genuine trial.
Now, I’m not one to beg for cash, particularly as I know how tough things are or are getting for many of us. But I really want to help this magnificent cause as much as possible, which means getting in as much sponsorship as possible.
I won’t be asking for money for nothing. I’m currently cooking up a couple of fund-raising schemes that will, I hope, be fun as well as in a good cause. Kids’ sports day in the park, anyone? A coffee morning marathon? Maybe even a big night out, bras compulsory?

Watch this space – and please support my efforts!
See this link for more information. Unfortunately it’s too late for you to enter (you know you want to!) – but maybe next year?