Hit by Spring (and it felt like a kiss)

“I stuck my head out the window this morning and spring kissed me bang in the face.”

I know, I know, I’m two months early – but one day of sunshine and blue skies and I’ve convinced myself that spring has already sprung.

It was the sight of all those snowdrops. Low mood lifting, illness waning. More snowdrops, and reflections in the still water. It must be spring, surely?

It was the first time this year I’ve really enjoyed getting out and about with my camera. Out and about at all, to be honest. I hate January, and this particular one has been blighted by seemingly constant illness, rubbish weather, stresses and hassles. So hello February. Hello early Spring. It won’t last long of course. In fact, it’s been drizzling most of this morning. But it’s amazing how the odd blue sky day can have a positive effect that lasts way beyond 24 hours.

The moon was out for most of yesterday, hanging bright white in the blank blue sky. It followed us on our walk through the snowdrops at Dudmaston Hall. It was still there when we drove home three hours later. It’s not visible now. It’s still there though, hanging in the blue; we just can’t see it for the clouds.

  1. February 14th, 2011

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