Sisters doing it for themselves

Our team, as we will no doubt look by the time of the Moon Walk! (I'm the clown)

Just a quick blog tonight to remind you of my impending participation in the London Moonwalk 2011 – and to hassle anyone who can afford it to dig deep for a good cause.

On May 14th me and my fellow “Blister Sisters” intend to walk 26 miles around the streets of London, by the light of the silvery moon, to try to raise money for breast cancer research.

The Moonwalk series (there are also events in Edinburgh and Iceland) began life a few short years ago to provide women with a bigger charity challenge than the hugely successful Race for Life 5k and 10k events, which support similar charities. I liked the sound of it, thought it would be a laugh, and before I knew it me and some friends had signed up. Now training has begun in earnest, it suddenly doesn’t seem so funny any more. It’s a loooooong way. It will be night time. It will hurt.

As I’m sure you’re bored of me mentioning, I’ve been laid low with flu this week. In truth I’ve been off colour for a couple of weeks before that but “kept going”, like you do, only finally giving in when I couldn’t get out of bed one morning. My training schedule has thus gone out of the window and I’m not sure how quickly I will be back on my Moonwalk feet.

My fellow teammates are powering on and appear to be getting out regularly, covering 10 miles or so at a time. I’m feeling a bit disheartened and worried that I’ll hold them back. On the plus side, I do still have three months to go, and hopefully have got my share of illness/injury out of the way.

So look, I’m clearly going to have to put an awful lot of effort in. I’m going to have to get stronger, physically and mentally, in order to overcome the obstacles ahead. I’m going to put up with the pain from my even dodgier foot. I don’t want to beg – but if you could spare a pound or five towards this amazing cause I’d be very touched.

The blight of cancer has already touched too many people I love. People I care about are battling it right now. I wish I could wave a magic wand to cure them, but I can’t. All I can do is my little bit. I’ll remember their smiling faces next time I’m out training, five miles from home, wishing I had never entered this stupid walk… It would be ace to know you’re there alongside me, making it worthwhile.

You can donate online by going to Go on, do it. Don’t delay!

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