Little box of memories, part 1

I keep everything my kids do. Every painting, every school book, ever sketch, every word they write.

It’s all stored neatly in labelled boxes in the attic, by name and age. Not for long though.

I realised the other day that they are only part way through their childhoods and already the attic is full. I’m going to have to pare things down.

My mum and dad kept an eclectic selection of bits and pieces from my childhood. I’ve got my first infant school books, some drawings, some schoolwork, certificates and medals from various sports and arts festivals and all my school reports.

I love the insight they bring into a life I can only just remember; the way the smallest thing can trigger an avalanche of memories.

The other day mum turned up with a small bag of stuff she had discovered during a recent clear out. It was a snapshot of my life, circa 1981, when I was about 12.

There were seven things in the bag.

Each of them says something special about that time in my life.

I guess you’d like to know more…if so, tune in tomorrow when I will reveal all.

Sorry, I know that’s a copout but I really am done in. Same time, same bat channel…

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