Starting Over – With Feeling.

So, it’s come to this. Against my better judgement, I have now officially signed up to the Post A Day challenge. I blame that Mark Nelson for inspiring me. What this means is that I will post a new blog every day. For 30 days.

In addition, I will include a photo taken that day. The photo may be unrelated to the post, but it will be a true record of a moment in my life that day. Notice I’m not pledging to blog every day for a year. That might prove impossible and lead to the breakdown of my marriage, but this way I get to see how I go, while having an achievable goal and not-too-distant end.

I’m not feeling too great at the moment. I’ve got a chest infection, undoubtedly received from my son who was poorly a few days back, which has left me feeling a bit breathless and pathetic. I have simultaneously got a bout of flu, so ache a lot, have a headcold, hacking cough and generally feel like crap.

This has set back my powerwalk training for the London Moonwalk considerably, and left me feeling bloated, unhealthy and sorry for myself. At the same time a couple of money making projects have hit the buffers, temporarily I hope, but who knows for sure…so I’m beginning to seriously consider abandoning working for and by myself and trying to get a full time job instead. This does not make me happy, although it might be what I need to do.

Anyway, given that I might be forced to stay indoors a bit more than I’d hoped for the next couple of days, I figured it was the ideal time to throw myself back into photography and writing.

This will count as Day One. See, that was easy. Oh, almost forgot to include a picture. As I am in bed typing this, the best I can do is a picture taken just now on my iPhone featuring my left hand and the book I’m currently reading. Perhaps you can tell what the book is?

  1. Don’t blame me…! But seriously I have found it quite therapeutic. And it’s getting easier! Good luck. By the way, hope you feel better soon

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