A Blog a Week Challenge

I blog randomly and infrequently, on a range of topics that come into my head. Mostly it is random rubbish, sometimes it has a point, sometimes I feel an urge to share…

Today I am officially launching my “A Blog a Week” challenge. A friend and fellow blogger has committed to writing a blog a day – I have neither the motivation or inspiration to follow suit, but wish him luck!

I do hope that by committing to blog once a week I will start to develop some kind of theme to my writing.

At the moment I don’t feel my blog has any kind of identity. This might be because I am at a crossroads personally and have yet to figure out exactly where I’m going. Hopefully writing once a week will help me get there!

I generally find it hard to write about myself and what I’ve been doing.

I love taking photos and try to include a photo with every blog, but I have neither the prowess nor the technical know-how to make this the theme of my blog.

I love being a parent, but am reluctant to share the minutae of my family life, partly for reasons of privacy and partly because I think it would either become exceedingly dull very quickly or simply become a nauseous list of my family’s achievements and funny moments.

I love working part-time, but don’t feel I can contribute significantly to your knowledge of running a small business, or working with kids, or writing media-friendly copy – there are people far better placed to do each of these things.

So for now it will carry on being a rambling collection of my thoughts and other things. I’d really appreciate your feedback – it’s great that so many people are now reading my blog, but it would be even nicer to hear what people think. I honestly don’t mind being told the bad as well as the good – it’s how I will get better at entertaining you or filling a few minutes of your day!

Thanks for listening!

    • Sophie Everett
    • January 26th, 2011

    You don’t need a theme, it’s all about your quirky, unique world view! Which means you can talk about whatever you fancy – hoorah. Life’s a bit random, so are the blogs that I like to read 🙂

  1. Thanks Soph – really good of you to continue to support and visit! I have decided I need an editor – I tend to ramble on a bit…so if you’ve ever got a spare minute feel free to get out your red pen. I shall continue to be random, it reflects my life at the moment; a bit of this, a bit of that. When I grow up and stick to one thing at a time I might develop a theme. jx

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