It’s that time of year again, when thoughts turn to times past and times yet to come; when I resolve to improve, to do better. This year I’m not going to bother.
Sometimes I find it is merely an opportunity to focus on the negatives; to beat myself up about changes I have failed to implement already. This year I’ve realised this is a Bad Thing. So no more resolving to change. This year I think I’ll stay just the way I am.
But you lot – you all need to get off your bums and make some serious changes. It’s not me – it’s you. No, really, I mean it, you need to get your house in order.
Here’s some starters for you: you need to resolve to see more of me (assuming I know you). (And like you. And you like me). You need to resolve to join me in a series of fabulous adventures. These will include seeing amazing live music, drinking alcohol, mastering a couple of new hobbies (I’m thinking dancing, sewing and tai-chi); getting better at a couple of longer standing hobbies (especially photography); taking on daft physical challenges like the London Moonwalk; organising a fund raising party night…and generally having lots of laughs. You need to resolve to visit my home and not judge me harshly for my clutter, lack of hostessing excellence and poor quality cooking skills. To my husband and kids, you need to resolve to carry on being fantastic and fab (but with extra cuddles and fewer moody sulks). You need to be supportive and understanding in my quest to get fitter and no fatter. And if I know you but don’t like you, let’s just resolve to spend less time in each other’s company, ok?
To potential clients and workmates, you have to resolve to recognise my expertise and talent, pay me handsomely for my skills, and laugh at my jokes.
Simples. If you can all just get your act together, I’m confident the coming year will be a wonderful one for us all.
Wishing you all an amazing 2011.

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