Reflections on Summer

Reflecting on the summer

Summer’s over. How was it for you?

Me and the kids had lots of lazy lie-ins; played in the garden a lot and visited local parks, cinemas and bowling alleys; and with hubby we had a lovely holiday in France and camping trips with dear friends.

I filled the diary with fun stuff to do, and at times I prayed for the summer to last forever.
We also had family screaming matches and rows over the most stupid things; been bored to tears and sick of the sight of each other; and prayed for the summer to end.
In other words, your typical family summer holiday. Nothing special. Or so I thought.

As the summer wore on I began to find out what those same few weeks have meant for other families.

For some lovely people I know, this summer has been a scary, tumultuous, life-changing and even life-threatening few weeks, dominated by illness, hospital visits and horrible news.

For more close friends, the summer break has been mentally challenging for one reason and another.

For others it’s been a time of desperate worry over finance and job prospects.

When the sun is shining and life is going smoothly, it is easy to assume that other people are having the same kind of day as you; to take the daily “good bits” for granted; even to moan about how boring the ordinary is. We all do it. Well, I certainly do.

Then you get some shocking news – and the ordinary suddenly becomes very special indeed. Shame most of us are so rubbish at recognising it at the time.

So, I’m celebrating the everyday and the ordinary. Here’s to last night’s ordinary curry night out with my mum and dad, husband and kids to mark our anniversary and Richard’s birthday.

Here’s to the simple game of cricket in the garden this morning before the rain came.

Cheers to the normality of baking cookies together this afternoon.

Hoorah for having a cuddle on the settee any time.

Yay to watching a movie together with the blinds shut, pretending we’re at the cinema.

Allelujah to listening to a good radio show, or having a good old natter on the phone with my best chums.

Hope your summer has been as ordinary as mine. If so, or if not, try to remember: “Everything passes, both good and bad.”

I’m hoping for a boring, uneventful, ordinary autumn. I promise to do my best to enjoy every dull minute of it.

In the meantime, lots of love, wishes and positive vibes to friends who are battling with the not-so-ordinary.

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